Spring Challenge 2021

Your Support Matters

This year we, as SJP students, missed out on so many of the events we look forward to, like homecoming, prom, plays, and retreats. But I’ve realized that Saint Joseph Prep’s community is formed not solely around events and gatherings, but by the amazing people that make up our school’s family.

Recently, when I found out I needed to have unexpected surgery, my parents emailed my teachers. I never expected the outpouring of support I got from them, especially during this time of hybrid learning. They kept in touch and checked on me constantly. Students in my class reached out and offered well wishes and comfort. Without the support of this special community, I would never have been able to face my surgery as calmly as I did.

As a graduate, parent, grandparent, or friend, you know the power of the SJP community—the great things we can do when we come together. Will you join with other great people like you and make a gift to Saint Joseph Prep today?

If received by April 30, your gift may be matched by our Board of Trustees. By making a gift today, your dollars are instantly doubled—and will all support financial assistance for me and my classmates!

Nearly 70% of SJP students receive financial aid. Maybe you, too, were awarded financial aid when you were in school. Our school’s community has always been there to support its students.

Your gift makes our education possible. It means a lot to us as students to know that the SJP community is here for us, just like my teachers were there for me when I needed that boost of confidence and support. Your donation this spring means my friends and I can put our energy toward things like homework and dreaming of an exciting future—instead of worrying if we’ll be able to stay at SJP.

Thank you for making our future bright! I look forward to keeping you updated on SJP’s social media platforms on the success of this year’s match challenge.

Fiona, SJP ’22

P.S. The economic crisis brought on by the pandemic means more SJP students need financial aid. If you'd like to donate using PayPal, Venmo, Apple Pay, or Google Pay, click here​​​​​​. Otherwise, you  may use the button below.

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