A Word from Mr. Nunan

Mr. Nunan’s Vlog
April 11, 2019
Volume I, Issue 9

Greetings from the Holy Family Chapel inside the Sisters of St. Joseph Motherhouse! Last night, in this space, we celebrated the induction of our students into the National Honor Society, recognizing their commitment to character, scholarship, leadership, and service.

This begs the question, “What do we honor at Saint Joseph Prep?” It starts with what is good and right and true. On Tuesday of this week, we distributed academic awards to publicly acknowledge all those who achieved in the third quarter. Tomorrow, we will pray as a community for the students and faculty traveling to Belize for the Alternative Spring Break next week. In the not too distant future, we will return to the Holy Family Chapel for the Senior Service Commissioning Mass. And in a few short weeks, we will recognize the amazing creative work on display at the STEAM Show.

At Saint Joseph Prep, we honor Tradition, Integrity, and Excellence. We have developed a legacy of celebrating student-centered achievement, supporting the gifts and talents of all scholars in our community. We prioritize doing things the right way and recognizing that our accomplishments are due in large part to the support systems in place around us. Finally, at SJP, it is “cool” to be smart and “in” to be outstanding. We encourage our students to dream big.

As we enter Holy Week, let us reflect on the Paschal mystery of Jesus’ suffering, death, and resurrection. Although it can escape our own understanding, Jesus knows our darkest moments and gave his life for our sins. His death, however, is not death, but a symbol of new life and the triumph of love. This Holy Week, let us continue to honor the right things. Blessings to you and your family.