Phoenix Update VLOG

Mr. Nunan’s Vlog
June 13, 2019
Volume I, Issue 13

SJP: A Both/And School

Welcome back to the Vlog! The Learning Commons, where today’s video was filmed, is representative of both how far we have come in seven short years and also of how Saint Joseph Prep is a “Both/And” school...and not an “Either/Or” school. As an example, the renovated LC is a place for students and for faculty, for studying and for socializing.

Additionally, Saint Joseph Prep is a school of both intellectual pursuit and spirituality; scholarship and prayer; athletics and the arts; structure and freedom; rigor and support; tradition and innovation. This concept of “both/and” is evident in the school’s mission, where community and diversity coexist and where all are one; in the faculty, where our instructors are both talented and committed; and in our student body, which is both authentic and positive.

At last week’s Baccalaureate Mass and Commencement, four student speakers shared their stories about the various ways in which they grew as individuals and as a class in their time at SJP. Whether learning how to be a leader by watching friends, feeling the freedom to explore one’s culture, finding a home as a transfer student, or managing anxiety, Saint Joseph Prep provided the environment where each could flourish and thrive.

This will be my final vlog for the Phoenix Update, but please know how great a privilege it has been to work at Saint Joseph Prep and share this journey with you. As Dag Hammerskjold, the former Secretary General of the United Nations, once said, “For all that has been, thanks. To all that shall be, yes.”