A Word from Mr. Nunan

Mr. Nunan’s Vlog
February 14, 2019
Volume I, Issue 6

Happy Valentine’s Day!

As we celebrate the Feast of Saint Valentine and look forward to a week of rest and relaxation amid the snow and rain of February, we also honor Agnes Burnes Hughes (MSJA ’48), whose generosity and love brought to life Café ’48, as seen in this week’s vlog. A fitting expression of the love and light exemplified by Agnes can be found in a Christmas card featuring a verse written by one of her daughters:

We seek answers we cannot find
We long for peace
In a world that is uncertain.
In the midst of conflict,
We seek a faultless compass
To direct our path.
Lift up your hearts!
For the perfect and unfailing
Gift is in our midst.
It is through Him,
The beginning and the end,
That we can forever change
The world around us.
Touched by Him.
Let us become
His wings of peace,
His breath of wisdom,
His song of love,
And His light of hope.

These words remind us that our teachers, coaches, and mentors, such a crucial piece of the Saint Joseph Prep family, bring peace, wisdom, love, and hope to our young people each and every day.