STEAM Awards: November

This month, we recognize Ellie Mullen '25 and Alex Nakhle '23 as STEAM students of the month. 

Ellie is recognized for being a consistent member of the Phoenix Players, SJP's theater club. She is time and again one of the first cast members to master her lines. Ms. Nia Gipson, one of the Directors of the Phoenix Players, notes that "Ellie is thoughtful about her characterizations and is a master of making subtle impactful choices with her portrayals. Off the stage, she works with newer students to help them craft and master their performance as well. She is one of the Phoenix Players' leading actors for the fall production, which is a big accomplishment."

Alex has excelled in grasping the sometimes-complicated concepts of computer science, which is reflected in not only her academic records but also her contributions to the class on a daily basis. Mr. Darol Ware, who teaches AP Computer Sciences class, shared: "Alex is a team player who motivates her peers to do their best work. There’s a positive energy that flows from this student on a daily basis that seems to say, “We got this. We can do this.” This energy is contagious and is a major benefit to the class overall. Alex believes that she has what it takes to be successful in computer science and it is that belief in herself that has been critical to her success as a student. We are honored to present her with the STEAM Student of Month award."

Congratulations to both Ellie and Alex for their accomplishments in STEAM thus far!

Ellie Mullen '25 acting during a dress rehearsal for the upcoming fall theater production:

theater student

Alex Nakhle' 23 in AP Computer Science class:

STEAM awards winner