SJP Student Spotlight: Ellie Canhoto

Below is a student-written article featured in the latest issue of The Tie, Saint Joseph Prep Boston's student newspaper.

by Kateyn Murphy ‘24

NATICK MA—Even with the numerous clubs and sports within Saint Joseph Prep, students are still very involved in activities outside of school too. Ellie Canhoto ‘24 is one of these students. Ellie is a part of Rocket Cheer and spends her time outside of school competitively cheering on her team the “Evil Queens.” 

This year is her tenth year cheering for this program and she is excited for this new season with her team. Ellie travels all over the U.S. for her competitions. She has gone to local competitions in Worcester but also has traveled to Nashville, Orlando, Baltimore, and Columbus to compete. Ellie and her team have won regional titles, national titles, and world championships. 

Ellie explained what it was like to be on this cheerleading team saying, “being on a team that meets multiple times a week to push ourselves mentally and physically really creates a lasting community.” 

She also emphasizes the common phrase “there is no I in team.” She notes that everyone does things together no matter what. Everyone has something to add to this team. Ellie adds, “from encouraging my teammates to face their fears or celebrating our world championship, we truly are supportive through everything.” 

This cheer community is much like the community Ellie has here at SJP: one where everyone supports each other for all of their accomplishments, no matter how small. She mentions that when she “has to miss school it can be difficult to keep up with my classes sometimes.” Though the workload can prove challenging, Ellie emphasizes that, “the SJP community and teachers have always supported me and my cheer career.” 

The SJP family continues to cheer Ellie on in her cheerleading career and cannot wait to hear about her future successes at competitions.