Fiona Flynn '21 graduates from SJP after serving as Student Body President

Published by The Dedham Times Newspaper on July 22, 2022


Fiona Flynn of Dedham graduated on Thursday evening, June 2 from Saint Joseph Prep Boston (SJP), alongside 54 classmates, after serving as Student Body President.

SJP is a premier private Catholic high school sponsored by the Sisters of St. Joseph of Boston located in Brighton. Flynn will continue her studies at Syracuse University. Her strong academics and impressive extracurricular involvement landed her a spot in the school’s marketing management and public relations program.

“My past four years at Saint Joseph Prep have given me some of the best memories and experiences that I will ever have and showed me what real community is,” said Flynn. “I am so grateful to my fellow classmates and teachers for providing me with this community that I will cherish forever.” Flynn completed her Senior Service at The Monastery at Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital.

At commencement, Flynn and her classmates were addressed by guest commencement speaker James Morton, President and CEO of YMCA of Greater Boston. “I encourage you, the Class of 2022, to measure your success by what you inspire others to accomplish,” said Morton, in his commencement address to SJP’s class of 2022. “By that measure, you will create a world where everyone has sufficient food to eat, a loving home, a world-class education, meaningful employment, and every opportunity to reach his, her, or their fullest potential [...] The world is counting on you for inspiration and looking at you, the class of 2022, I am in this moment inspired by the promise of your tomorrow and the world you will create.”

“We at Saint Joseph Prep are incredibly proud of our Student Body President Fiona Flynn and all of her classmates who I am confident will go on to do incredible things in college and beyond,” said Eugene Ward, Head of School for Saint Joseph Prep Boston. “Saint Joseph Prep Boston prepares students to become the innovative and compassionate leaders our world needs.”

Along with her diploma, Flynn was awarded the CSJ Award for Promoting Unity and Forming Community.