SJP Alum Ms. Alvarado Joins Marketing Team

by Katelyn Murphy `24

Ms. Alvarado was a member of the 2016 graduating class. She first became part of the SJP family in 2012 when she walked through the doors as a ninth grader.  During her four years of high school, she studied hard, played on the girls’ soccer team, and participated in a number of after school clubs.  Upon graduation, Ms. Alvarado attended Loyola University in New Orleans.

Describing how SJP shaped her into who she is today, Ms. Alvarado shared all the great things high school taught her. “SJP did a really good job preparing me mostly because of the academic rigor. I took a bunch of AP classes, played  a lot of sports, and joined clubs which made me more confident when interacting with the real world.” 

She definitely benefited from SJP’s characteristic pillars of academic rigor and meaningful engagement during her four years as a student.

In 2021, Ms. Alvardo returned to SJP  to work as a part of the marketing team. She assists the Director of Marketing, Ms. Smith, in a wide array of projects to promote SJP and enjoys capturing engaging moments on film and video for the school’s social media pages at all the many different events SJP holds during the year. Both Ms. Smith and Ms. Alvarado work closely with their colleagues in the Enrollment Department as well.

Ms. Alvarado spoke about the change she has felt from her switch as student to a member of the staff saying, “The transition has been interesting. I think the hardest part was going from seeing my teachers as authority figures to them now being my colleagues.” She also added that the shift in what she calls her new colleagues was substantial: from calling them Ms. or Mr. to now using their first names. 

She also explained that the community at SJP played a huge role in her life adding, “Everyone was very kind and led me into a good future.” 

It was not only the teachers that had helped her but also the student body. In fact, Ms. Alvarado noted that, “ It all feels the same from when I was a student here, the community is still amazing.” She also commented that, “Everybody is still a very tight-knit community which I love.” 

It is clear that SJP has had a major impact on Ms. Alvarado’s life and will continue to do so.  Her passion and hard work is appreciated by everyone at SJP.   The entire community is lucky to have her back. 

Ms. Alvarado enthusiastically concluded her thoughts about being back at SJP by firmly stating, “I have been loving it!” 

Vanessa Alvarado's Yearbook Picture

Vanessa Alvarado's 2016 Yearbook Picture