Marcio De Oliveira: Athletic Weapon

Below is a student-written article featured in the latest issue of The Tie, Saint Joseph Prep Boston's student newspaper.


by Alexander Boyle ‘25

Athletics Dept. — Marcio De Oliveira ’25 is one of the most talented soccer players currently playing for SJP. As the current top scorer on the SJP soccer team, with 12 goals and 7 assists, there is no doubt that Marcio is a force to be reckoned with on the pitch. But how did he get here? Where did he get the skill he displays today? 

For as long as Marcio can remember he has had an interest in soccer, which he remarked was likely influenced by his Brazilian culture. At the young age of five, he joined his first official team, called the Brazil Elite. 

Though he played soccer before this, Brazil Elite helped him improve his soccer skills and introduced him to the idea of playing organized matches against rival teams. Marcio excelled on this team, winning several awards before moving to Kings FC at age eight. 

Here, he began traveling for soccer, even to different states. On this team, Marcio said “it was pretty hard at first, because I wasn’t used to it.” However, he asserts that “I eventually got better than everyone.” 

When he was twelve, Marcio was recruited to Juventus Academy. However, he faced struggles with games being canceled due to COVID, and he left that team in pursuit of something better, joining the internationally recognized Valeo FC, which is where he currently plays. 

Soccer has always been a passion for Marcio, and though he agrees that it can be a strain on his schoolwork, he also noted that it has taught him valuable skills which help him manage school, such as time management, as well as giving him motivation, determination, and discipline in all aspects of his life. 

Marcio dreams of playing soccer professionally, and he values the sense of community and self-confidence that soccer has given him.