Bullying Prevention & Intervention Plan

A sponsored ministry of the Sisters of Saint Joseph Boston, Saint Joseph Prep (SJP) is a co-educational, college preparatory high school founded upon academic excellence, personal integrity, and Catholic tradition. A community of mutual respect and reconciliation, Saint Joseph Preparatory High School is a diverse, multi-cultural family centered on lived Christian gospel values.

Each member of the school community is expected to demonstrate consideration, cooperation and respect at all times. Consideration of the dignity of the human person and cooperation with authority are significant values forming the basis of relationships within the school community. It is essential that a safe, positive and productive educational environment be established where students can attain the highest academic achievement and where no student should be subjected to bullying or harassment.

Bullying comprises repeated intentionally hurtful acts, words, or behaviors toward another student or an adult in the school community that causes physical or emotional harm and creates a hostile environment for that student or adult. Bullying can take a variety of forms, including verbal (teasing, taunting), psychological (manipulation, socially excluding, spreading rumors), physical (hitting, kicking, pushing) and electronic (cyber-bullying). Harassment includes physical or verbal abuse, violence or threats of violence, fighting and exclusion. All cases of bullying and harassment are subject to disciplinary action.

Any student who believes that he or she has been subject to bullying or harassment has the right to file a complaint with the Assistant Head of School for Community Life and receive prompt, appropriate and confidential handling of the complaint. Any student who has witnessed bullying or harassment is expected to report the incident to an adult. Any student who engages in bullying or harassment will be subject to disciplinary action.