Campus Ministry & Service

Faith in Action and Service

While at SJP, every student has the opportunity to participate in numerous service projects. Students are required to complete a designated number of hours for each class year. The seniors participate in a cumulative intensive project that is a capstone experience, bringing their faith into action.

Service Learning Trips

Students may apply for weekend and week-long annual service immersion trips, both domestic and abroad. Trips we have sponsored in the past include:

• Camden, New Jersey
• Camp Esopus, New York
The Haiti Project
• The Dominican Republic

Liturgical Celebrations

Each school day begins with a prayer service for a particular grade level.

On Monday mornings, the entire school community gathers for reflection, scripture and prayer. We celebrate masses, holy days, and other prayers services together throughout the year to honor the rich tradition of the faith that is at the core of SJP mission.

Campus Ministry Student Leaders

The ministry efforts of SJP are supported by a group of students who meet regularly to share their faith, as well as to plan and guide various spiritual events for the school community.


Students are invited to attend class retreats at SJP, as a chance to grow together in faith and formation. Also, students may apply to attend a Kairos retreat in their sophomore, junior, or senior years.