An education in the Arts is fundamental to the formation of the whole person. Our goal is to give all students more than just exposure to the arts; we want to give them experience in the arts.

Students at Saint Joseph Prep are engaged in formal, required study of the Visual Arts through the STEAM I program in 9th grade. Students have the option of continuing their study of the Arts in the 11th and 12th grades with more intensive courses, and depending on enrollment and interest, leading up to AP Studio Art, Advanced Graphic Design and Performance Choir.

After school, however, all students can participate in the Arts. There is Open Studio, Art Club, A Capella and The Phoenix Players, our dramatic arts organization. Here, students can create works of art, learn pieces of music, as well as star on our stage. The School produces two major shows each year, at least one of which is a musical, and where artists, musicians, and actors all come together.

Each Spring, the school hosts a culminating event to celebrate the fine arts nurtured at Saint Joseph Prep in its annual STEAM Show.