We are thrilled to announce the formation of the Saint Joseph Prep Alumni Network comprised of graduates from Mount Saint Joseph Academy, Our Lady’s, Newton Catholic, Trinity Catholic High School, and Saint Joseph Prep. The legacies of our founding schools are alive and well, and everyone has a home at Saint Joseph Prep. Our alumni number over 10,000 strong, and in the spirit of our CSJ charism—that all may be one—we are excited to bring everyone together.

We are also thrilled to have the family continue to expand! We have 20 “Legacy” students here now at Saint Joseph Prep whose family members have graduated from one of the high schools in our Network!

1st Row: Vivian Ho ’18, daughter of Tot Nguyen (MSJA ’82); Cali Lapenta ’17, granddaughter of Patricia Murphy Lapenta (MSJA ’53); Aidan Donahue ’20, son of Cheryl Nee Donahue (MSJA ’97); Cecelia Morello ’20, daughter of Michelle Creedon Morello (MSJA ’82).

2nd Row: Cailey Tanner ’19, daughter of Janine Ravino (NC ’83); Taylor Kennedy ’19, granddaughter of Elizabeth Drake Brenner (MSJA ’64); Caragh Gentilucci ’20, daughter of Gerald Gentilucci (NC ’84); Madeline Neff ’17, daughter of Janet Coleman Neff (MSJA ’96) and granddaughter of Katherine McKinnon Coleman (MSJA ’66).

3rd Row: Aidan Kelly ’19, son of Margaret Mulvey Kelly (MSJA ’85); Gioia Guarino ’19, daughter of Angela Guarino (MSJA ’89); Anthony Bradley ’17, son of Leah DiFonzo Bradley (NC ’84); Sara O’Connor ’18, daughter of Lisa Murphy Brunet (MSJA ’87).

4th Row: Connor Lewis ’18, son of Rita Carey Lewis (NC ’83); Julia Malki ’19, daughter of Antoinette LaMorte Malki (NC ’82); Thomas Hanna ’20, great-grandson of Abigail J. Barry (MSJA ’21); Allison Burke ’20, daughter of Cara Swan Burke (NC ’84).

5th Row: Madison Murphy ’19, daughter of Kelly Lyn Anderson Murphy (MSJA ’85); Joseph Cieri ’18, son of Susan Veglia Cieri (MSJA ’85); Hannah Burke ’17, daughter of Cara Swan Burke (NC ’84); Joseph Stapleton ’18, son of Lisa Messina Stapleton (MSJA ’88).