Meet the Coaches

Athletes at Saint Joseph Prep Boston are coached by experienced professionals, most of whom played their sport at the collegiate level. Meet the coaches who provide athletic expertise and mentoring to SJP student athletes. 

Coach Anthony Bianculli

Golf Coach

Coach Rob Dwyer

Boys' Hockey Coach

Coach Dwyer has over 25 years of experience as a coach. One of his biggest accomplishments as a coach is helping to form bonds and friendships with current and former players.

Fun fact: Coach Dwyer has been coaching since he was 21 years old.

Why does Coach Dwyer love coaching at SJP? "We at SJP have the greatest bunch of young men around. It’s not the wins, it’s the memories these guys will have of being together for the rest of their lives."

Coach Emily Ellison

Swim Coach

Coach Emily Ellison has seven years of coaching experience, four being with the SJP-Matignon co-op swim team. She swam and cheered at the collegiate level, and in high school swam, cheered, and ran track and cross country in high school. 

In her past four seasons with the SJP-Matignon swim co-op, she has coached the team to four winning seasons and being named leave MVP twice. Coach Ellison's team has produced at least one state and sectional event winner every year.

Fun fact: Her U.S. Club coach was Martin Zubero who held the 200M Backstroke World Record for almost eight years.

Why does Coach Emily love coaching at SJP? "I love coaching swim at SJP because of the enthusiasm and coach-ability of these swimmers. Swimming is very concrete in how you can measure improvement. The SJP swimmers typically do not have much prior competitive swimming experience so it is really fun and rewarding to watch their tremendous development each year."

Coach Marie-Claire Guidoux

Tennis Coach

Coach Guidoux has three years of coaching experience at SJP. She played soccer, field hockey and track in high school. 

Why does Coach Guidoux love coaching at SJP? "I love getting a chance to work with girls who I don’t teach, and it’s great getting to know these girls in a setting outside the classroom. The tennis groups is such a great group, I love being a part of this team."

Coach Lindsey Hughes

Girls' Soccer Coach

Coach Lindsey Hughes previously coached girls soccer for 10 years as assistant, but this is her first year (2022) as head coach!

Fun fact: Ms. Hughes has played soccer since she was 8 years old and was a part of her track and field team in high school. 

Why does Coach Lindsey love coaching at SJP? "I love the chance to accompany our student athletes outside of the classroom and get to know them as more complete persons. It really excites me to watch them grow, improve, and learn new skills. And - it's especially great to celebrate a hard earned win alongside them!"

Coach Tom Keady

Women's Hockey Coach

Coach Keady has 25years of experience as a hockey coach. He has introduced basic elements of the game to the SJP team, including a forecheck neutral zone and power play.

He played hockey and baseball in high school, and then played hockey at Quincy College and on the University of Massachusetts Boston club team.

Fun fact: When Coach Keady was a kid he used to flood one of the playing fields outside Harvard Stadium (with the help of a couple of Harvard custodians) to play hockey on weekends from early in the morning until it was too dark to see the puck.  

Why does Coach Keady love coaching at SJP? "After Twenty five years of coaching ice hockey  I still love the game and working with athletes. I enjoy watching their development and celebrating their accomplishments. SJP Women's ice hockey team has shown true grit and I'm so glad to be their coach."

Coach Julie Lima

Co-Ed Cross Country Coach

Coach Julie Lima has joined SJP X-Country as head coach this season! Previously, she has coached 3 years outside of SJP.

Fun fact: Coach Lima played soccer in college – NCAA Women's Soccer, Division III (freshman year, lead team in both goals and assists) and NCAA Women's Soccer Division II.

Why does Coach Lima love coaching at SJP? "Every day, I feel blessed to be part of the wonderful SJP community; coaching is an opportunity to share my passion for running with student-athletes, and working with bright and eager kids is wonderful."

Coach Connor Mahlbacher

Boys' Soccer Coach

Coach Connor Mahlbacher has joined SJP Boys' Soccer as head coach this season! Previously, he coached the girls soccer team at Southern High School in Louisville, KY to their first win in five years.

Fun fact: Coach Mahlbacher has loved soccer from a young age and played soccer all through high school and even made a state quarter-final appearance. 

Why does Coach Connor love coaching at SJP? "I love giving kids the opportunity to grow as people. Helping them learn how to cooperate, compete, and achieve goals together is deeply rewarding and fun for me."

Coach Ed McDonald

Baseball Coach

Coach McDonald has 11 years of experience as a coach. Previously, Coach McDonald was the baseball captain at Assumption College.

Fun fact: Coach McDonald own a residential construction company, electrical company, and daycare in Arlington. 

Why does Coach McDonald love coaching at SJP? "I love seeing players mature and improve their craft year over year. It's great to see a player who works hard and puts in the time get rewarded in the end. They are all great kids and its a pleasure to coach them."

Coach Stephen McGovern

Girls' Varsity Softball Coach

Coach McGovern has 20 years of experience as a coach. Coach McGovern umpired baseball from the time he was 14 years old and at age 18, he was the youngest MIAA certified umpire in the State. 

Fun fact: Coach McGovern's first year a SJP was the first time baseball had 10 wins in a season and made it to the state championship.

Why does Coach McGovern love coaching at SJP? "I really enjoy the sport, teaching and mentoring youth to succeed in the sport also love."

Coach Casey Sheehan

Varsity Volleyball Coach



Before becoming SJP's volleyball coach, Coach Sheehan coached volleyball at the collegiate level at Suffolk University.

Coach Sheehan played volleyball and softball at Emmanuel College. She captained both teams junior and senior year, and was a two-time GNAC All-Star in softball.

In high school, she played four years of varsity volleyball, basketball, and softball and was a TVL All-Star in all three sports. Coach Sheehan also captained 5 teams.

Fun fact: Coach Sheehan traveled with a program called "Beyond Sports" to South Africa to teach children how to play baseball and softball.

Why does Coach Sheehan love coaching at SJP? "Simple answer: the players!" 

Mr. Ryan Walsh

Athletic Director