Scholar Highlights

Science Scholars

Students in Dr. Borkowski’s AP Biology class have been preparing for their AP exam on Monday, May 14. The class has been reviewing old AP exams as well as working collaboratively to identify and address any areas of weakness in student-run sessions. Dr. B. will host a review session this Friday in the Bio lab from 2:30-5:30.

Meanwhile, the 9th grade students are learning about natural selection and evolution using Skittles! By learning which flavors are preferred and then moving those colors forward, the class will learn how a population evolves over time. Dr. B. apologizes in advance to his colleagues for loading his students up with sugar.

Theology Scholars

Juniors taking Ms. Hughes’ Theology 3 classes are debating the death penalty in a mock courtroom environment. After reading a number of assigned articles and doing independent research, students are presenting their cases in class before a judge. The specific question being addressed is whether or not the Boston Marathon bombing terrorist should receive the death penalty for his crimes. Charlie Cassidy ’19, Diego Rosario ’19, and Brendan Sutliff ’19 are acting as the judge in each of their respective classes.

Math Scholars

As SJP students hit the interim mark of the fourth quarter, Mr. Koelsch recognizes a number of scholars who have been leading the way in their respective classes:

Algebra 1: Jackson Savoy ’21, Wilma Tec-May ’21, and Francis Morello ’21

Algebra 2 Honors (3 sections): Cecelia Morello ’20, Molly Wang ’20, Aidan Wech ’20, Amy Zhang ’20, Melissa Vallucci ’20, Jeff Chen ’20, Andrew Gonzalez ’20, Molly Wheet ’20, Brian Wheet ’20

Algebra 2 CP: Joseph Blundo ’19, Alexander Tracanna ’19, and Cailey Tanner ’19

Spanish Scholars

You’ve decided to participate in an urban design contest. Your community needs to have everything its residents need in order to live a healthy life. What would your community need to have in order for its residents to be healthy? Plan your ideal community and be prepared to explain why you chose each item and why you chose to locate each item where you did.

Ms. Bacon’s Spanish 4H classes are working on creating villages, with the aim of building the healthiest, both in terms of mental and physical health. When finished, they will have to write up an explanation their thought processes and choices.


World History Scholars

Ms. Hughes’ ninth graders developed their understanding of medieval life last week by drawing maps of medieval manors and towns. They had to include elements such as a lord’s manor, a church, farmland, a village, peasant housing, and land owned by knights.


English Scholars

Ms. Mueller’s ninth graders have been working on graphic novels inspired by their reading of March: Book One, the first in a black and white graphic novel trilogy by United States Congressman and civil rights leader John Lewis. The project has focused on nonviolent protests in American history as students use their work to explore the Civil Rights movement and other protests.

CAD Scholars

Mr. Tice’s CAD 1 class is working on creating two different animations (AVI & MPG). They are also drawing an idler plate both 2D & 3D. The STEAM CAD class is working on drawing a 13 mm and 17 mm metric wrench and a pink panther.

Student Highlight

Ryan Ridolfo ’19 earned an impressive distinction on the PSAT. He scored in the top 2.5% on the PSAT/NMSQT among all Hispanic and Latino test-takers in our region. Because of his high scores, he has been invited to be a participant in the National Hispanic Recognition Program (NHRP). Nice work, Ryan!