Scholar Highlights

English Scholars

Ms. Byun compliments her juniors on their riveting Socratic seminars for which the topic of discussion was issues of gender. After reading The Awakening, a novel by Kate Chopin published in 1899 that delves into questions of femininity and motherhood, the students discussed ideas about societal limitations and exploring freedom through gender expression. Ms. Byun found that Ronny Gao ’19, in particular, displayed excellent insight regarding the heroine of the novel.

History Scholars

The ninth graders in World History I finished the year by learning about the Middle Ages. After learning about the code of chivalry and the effects of the bubonic plague on Europe, each student created a family coat of arms to take home.

Spanish Scholars

Ms. Bacon is pleased to share video projects recently completed by all of her Honors students. All videos can be accessed her Español con La Srta Bacon webpage.

Spanish 2H students were tasked with creating fairy tales using the preterit and imperfect tenses. Students wrote the fairy tale and then recorded them, using either live actors or drawings to convey the story. Spanish 3H created public service announcements on the topic of how to be a good person. These scholars were asked to use the present subjunctive to create ten suggestions, which were recorded with demonstrations. Spanish 4H researched a health issue to present at a “Feria de salad” (Health Fair). Students wrote an essay, created a visual aid, and presented an overview of their findings to a group of their classmates.

Math Scholars

Ms. Daly recognizes the following students for their hard work throughout the year, but especially in the last few weeks of the second semester: Victory Ajaero ’21, Abigail Conrad ’21, Sophia Leo ’21, David McCallum ’21, Kerry McMullan ’21, and Andrea Moreno ’21. She encourages all Math scholars to keep their minds active with Khan Academy or IXL. When it comes to the summer work, she says to work hard and don’t try to do it all at once.

Science Scholars

Dr. Borkowski recognizes the following Biology students for their determined efforts in closing the year on the right foot: Caroline Cincotta ’21, Jessica Daher ’21, Andrew Gonzalez ’20, Lillian Impastato ’21, Francis Morello ’21, and Kieran Paar ’21.

For the rising AP Bio scholars, Dr. B. recommends spending plenty of time on your summer assignments and to be prepared for the first test, which comes that first week back at school.

Studio Art Scholars

With the the STEAM Show behind us and the end of exams fast approaching, the upcoming summer promises to provide more fuel for student creativity. Final projects have come to a close, although many students are getting ready to pursue further artistic endeavors over the summer. Mr. Glozzy believes that this is a valuable time for students to explore their world, disconnect for a bit and appreciate themselves and the world around them.

In particular, Mr. Glozzy would like to recognize the Advanced Studio Art honors class. Aleksandra Christie ’19, Mark Yan ’19, Cheryl Wang ’19, and Gabriella Ribeiro ’19 will all be returning to the art studio next year as AP students. Coming off of a highly successful artistic junior year, each of these students worked extraordinarily hard. Designing the life-size sculptures for the STEAM Show would be a sufficient challenge for any student, but this class went above and beyond, producing several other highly successful works.

As next year approaches, the bar has been set even higher for next year’s Art classes. While there will be much work to be done, all future and current art students should know that personal art evolves and is enriched through life experience. Art is not just a subject, it's a way of life! Be mindful, curious and, most importantly, kind over these next few months.

Theology Scholars

The Chapel Speaking program is a cornerstone of the Saint Joseph Prep experience. Students hone their writing ability, public speaking skills, and develop community with one another through shared witness. The following young women and men have been recognized during the second semester for having delivered the most compelling, articulate, and thoughtful chapel speeches:

Class of 2018: Mitchell DevlinLily Fabrizio

Class of 2019: Sarah ForrestCarly Sacco

Class of 2020: Damara AndradeTom Hanna

Class of 2021: Jahcaris LucienJoshua May

Ms. Mueller’s Advisory

Ms. Mueller’s 11th grade advisory took some time off from studying for finals to celebrate the school year and looked ahead to summer by participating in “pass the plate.” The juniors wrote their favorite things about each other and wishes for the summer on paper plates.