Scholar Highlights

Ms. Hughes’ World History Scholars

Ms. Hughes’ 9th grade World History class will be in the Learning Commons this week, diving into research strategies. As part of a unit on World Religions, and more specifically, the Judaism section, students this week discussed genocide and the Holocaust, and they are reading about Kristallnacht for homework. In the LC, they will research the question, “Should the United States have attended the 1936 Olympics?”. Students will watch video testimony to hear from Jewish and Black athletes that attended the Games, which is especially timely with both the Olympics occurring and Black History Month!

Ms. Hughes’ Theology Scholars

Ms. Hughes’ junior Theology students will spend this week looking at the idea of ‘implicit bias’ through the lens of two studies. The first study demonstrates how black boys are perceived compared to white boys in terms of childhood innocence and age. The second study illustrates how black men are seen compared to white men in terms of height, weight, and strength. The students will watch a short NY Times film called “Peanut Butter, Jelly, and Racism”.

Ms. Mueller’s English Scholars

Ms. Mueller’s 9th grade English Writing students practiced using apostrophes correctly by playing pin the apostrophe on the sentence.

Ms. Creamer’s Spanish Scholars

Ms. Creamer’s Spanish II Honors class recently created advertisements in Spanish for items we use to get ready each day, such as shampoo, toothbrushes, hairdryers, etc. Their advertisements and short “commercials” were well done and exciting! Kyasha Ambroise ’20 and Aisha Veras ’20 even performed a short song to sell their product.


Ms. Bacon’s Spanish Scholars

All of Ms. Bacon’s Spanish classes watched “Black in Latin America: Mexico & Peru”, an episode from a PBS-produced series that delves into the “afro-” influence in the histories of Mexico and Peru. The two countries received far more slaves in the slave trade than the United States, and yet the significance of this is often unexplored.

Ms. Bacon’s Spanish 2 Honors also reviewed their knowledge of the preterite (past) tense by playing jenga and building sentences with legos.


Ms. Gipson’s STEAM Scholars

Ms. Gipson’s Mechatronics class is creating prototypes for nautical automatons. These ocean-themed moving scenes will be on display at the STEAM Show on May 17.

Ms. Daly’s Math Scholars

Ms. Daly’s Geometry classes are exploring the wonderful three-sided world of triangles. Students are evaluating congruence using angle measure and side length data. They are also finding the centroids, orthocenters, incenters, and circumcenters of triangles. Congratulations go out to Victory Ajaero ’21 for earning the highest score on a recent assessment!

Ms. Daly’s Honor Calculus class is studying applications of higher order derivatives, including velocity and acceleration. The Algebra I students are knee-deep in inequalities.

Mr. Glozzy’s Studio Art Scholars

The art students are doing some incredible work as we head into the latter stages of the year. All levels of classes are hitting their stride and producing some of their most confident, bold and beautiful workings to date. The highlights are many, but just to capture one or two from each class...

Freshman students are hard at work drawing black and white minimalist photos in high detail. With careful attention the the lights, shadows and tone of each subject, students work incrementally, perfecting each line as they work. See below for some of the standout works in progress.


The Studio Artists have entered the world of abstract sculpture as seen through the lens of balsa wood constructs. Each sculpture is based off of the famous sculptor Richard Serra's groundbreaking list of art making verbs. This list attempts to compile the myriad ways any material may be physically altered, or crafted and formed to embody an action.

The Advanced Studio Artists are nearly finished with their paintings inspired by artists of the Harlem Renaissance. Each one is unique and brings attention to a significant movement from the past or present that has touched the student in a personal way. They are thoughtful, sophisticated and beautiful without exception.


The AP Students are each working on developing their concentrations with unique perspectives and pieces that fit together in either subject or visual design or both. Each student has researched, tested and learned new techniques to achieve outstanding results.

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