Innovation & Technology

Innovation is at the heart of a Saint Joseph Prep education. As a Catholic school designed for the 21st Century, we are intentionally forward-thinking, creative, and agile.


Leveraging advances in technology allows our students and teachers to enhance thier learning in the classroom. Saint Joseph Prep was a pioneer in adopting a 1:1 device policy.

Every Math and Science classroom is equipped with interactive short-throw projectors, while Humanities classrooms contain large, flat-screen televisions and Apple TVs. Teachers use Google Classroom to organize and distribute resources allowing students to access notes, assignments, and other materials remotely.

SJP is innovative in what and how we teach. The curriculum includes courses including STEAM, Mechatronics, and Computer-Aided Design (CAD). The Robotics team is one of the most popular clubs on campus. All of our instructors are highly skilled in developing engaging lesson plans that foster student investment in their own learning.

Finally, Saint Joseph Prep is progressive in its approach to social justice issues. Students are empowered to be globally aware and conscientious citizens, but most importantly inclusive, understanding, and compassionate. At SJP, all individuals are celebrated, regardless of differences in race, ethnicity, religious background, socioeconomic status, family dynamics, learning style, or sexual orientation.