As part of our five-year technology plan, we have the goal of transitioning to eBook versions for all student textbooks and resources. At the moment we are moving towards that goal with the publishing companies. Until then, it is important to know that some student textbooks and resources are still not available from the publishers in electronic versions. Until that changes we are asking all student to follow the following guidelines:

1. If a required student textbook or resource is only available in hardcopy format, you should purchase it right away. To download eBooks, you'll need to go directly to the publishers website. If, however, you wish to shop around and purchase books elsewhere, that is perfectly okay. Just be sure you order a textbook with the same publisher, date of publication, edition and ISBN number. We know that with summer schedules and shipping delays, your son/daughter may not have all of the required resources on the first day of class; rest assured that teachers will be understanding of this situation.

2. For the electronic versions, if you have already downloaded them, that is perfectly fine; it is also fine to wait until the iPads have been distributed; for some e-versions, the actual download process will be easier and more efficient if you wait until the first few days of school for your teacher to lead you through the process. Since the download process is so quick, there is no harm in waiting until your son/daughter has the iPad.

3. The school does not own or sell books because of the costs associated with this process; in the future, we hope to offer a used book sale on campus; for now, we encourage you both to buy and to sell your used books via the Internet.