Midterm Exam Information - January 2023


OVERVIEW: Exams at Saint Joseph Prep not only give students the opportunity to demonstrate content mastery but also offer students the learning experience to better develop essential skills that will prepare them for college and life.  At our school, the important lead-up to exam week,  exams themselves, are not just to assess a student’s knowledge of content. We are dedicated to helping students to better understand themselves as learners and learn active study strategies that they can apply to assessments in the future.  Advisors and teachers will be working with students on how to plan ahead for exam week. 


Friday, January 13, is a Review Day (all classes meet); school is in session from 7:45 AM to 2:30 PM, and all students are expected to be present. Midterm Exams begin on Tuesday, January 17, and end on Friday, January 20. These exams constitute 10% of a student’s overall grade for the year. 
On exam days, the Dining Hall will be open as usual at 7:30 AM. Students will be dismissed from the Dining Hall at 7:40 AM to enter the Academic Building. Exams will take place in Phoenix Hall and selected classrooms. The first exam begins promptly at 8:00 AM. Students are dismissed from school after they have completed their exams for that day.

The schedule for each exam day is as follows:
First Exam: 8:00 AM to 9:30 AM or 10:00 AM (depending on the length of the exam)
Second Exam: 10:30 AM to 12:00 PM or 12:30 PM (depending on the length of the exam)

Midterm Exams will be administered according to the following schedule:

Tuesday, January 17th

Exam Block 1:  Social Studies (WH I, WH II, USH, APUSH, AP GOV, Psych H) & Double Math Geometry H

Exam Block 2:  Theology

Wednesday, January 18th

Exam Block 1: Math (including Double Math Algebra II H)

Exam Block 2: Economics Honors, Psych Honors and Make-Ups (other)   

Thursday, January 19th Exam Block 1: English
Exam Block 2: Language
Friday, January 20th Exam Block 1: Science
Exam Block 2: Anthropology, and Make Ups (other)  


SCHOOL CANCELLATIONS: In the event that school is canceled on a day during the Midterm Exam week, the exams scheduled for that day would take place on the following day. For example, if the school were to be closed on Tuesday, January 17, the exams scheduled for that day would occur on Wednesday, January 18. Wednesday’s exam would then be moved to Thursday, etc.

AFTER SCHOOL ACTIVITIES: There will be no detention, club or activity meetings, ASP or HoSS during exam week. However, a number of teachers will be offering Teacher-Led Review Sessions during exam week.  Some athletic teams may schedule practices during the exam week – see Athletic Director for more details. However, athletic practices will not begin earlier than 3:30 PM on Monday - Thursday.

TEACHER-LED REVIEW SESSIONS: All of our teachers will be available every day during exam week until at least 1:30 PM to answer student questions about upcoming exams. Many of our teachers also offer Teacher-Led Review Sessions during the week of exams. The schedule for these review sessions will be shared with students the week of January 9, and is linked at the bottom of this webpage. As always, our teachers will be available for extra help/review from 2:35 – 3:30 PM in the weeks leading up to exams. 

EXTENDED TIME POLICIES AND PROCEDURES: Extended Time policies and procedures will be shared individually with students in the Academic Enrichment Center and via email with parents/guardians prior to exam week. Any questions or concerns should be directed to Matthew Genetelli, the AEC learning specialist. 

TIMED WRITING: Theology, English, Social Studies, and some Science and Language courses may choose to administer their timed writing prompts, and/or listening and oral portions of their exams, the week before Midterms. A test calendar has been established to ensure that students are not taking more than one of these assessments per day.

​​Expectations for Students:
Find below the SJP expectations for students taking Midterm Exams.

  • Friday, January 13, is a Review Day; school is in session from 7:45 AM to 2:30 PM, and all students are expected to be present.
  • Tuesday, January 17 – Friday, January 20: Students need to be present only for times they have a scheduled midterm exam.
  • Students are expected to be in school uniform during exam week.
  • On exam days, Café Phoenix will be open as usual at 7:30 AM.  Students will be dismissed from Café Phoenix at 7:40 AM to enter the Academic Building. 
  • Students who need a place to prepare for their next exam are encouraged to take advantage of the quiet, supervised study environment of the Learning Commons.
  • Students waiting for a ride at the end of the day can wait in the Learning Commons or Café Phoenix
  • All students will report directly to their designated exam locations.  Students with extended time should report directly to the extended time test area – see the Coordinator of the Academic Enrichment Center for details.
  • Students are expected to be in their testing areas at least 10 minutes before the exam begins. The first exam begins promptly at 8:00 AM and the second exam begins promptly at 10:30 AM. 
  • Any student who arrives more than 20 minutes late for a Midterm Exam will be redirected to the Learning Commons and required to meet with her/his subject teacher after the exam period to schedule a make-up exam. All Midterm Exams must be completed by the afternoon of Friday, January 20.
  • If a student finishes early, he/she must remain in the exam room and sit quietly until the end of the exam period.  Teachers/Proctors will encourage any student who finishes early to use the extra time to review for his/her next exam. Students who cannot sit quietly and students who distract others in the room will be issued a two hour detention to be served on Friday, January 20th at 10:30am during the make-up exam block.
  • Unless specifically permitted by the subject teacher, students should not have access to any books, translators, notebooks, calculators etc., during the exam period.  All electronic devices should be turned off and placed in bags/backpacks.
  • All bags, materials, and books should be left in a designated area of the testing location. 
  • As always, students are not permitted to have any food or drink in the academic building; the only exception is water in a clear container.
  • Only a serious illness (confirmed by a physician’s note) or a family emergency should prevent a student from taking exams as scheduled.
  • Students are not permitted to pre-schedule exams.

Re-Do Exams: Any student who receives a grade less than 50% on a semester exam will be required to re-do those portions of the exam on which they did not initially demonstrate sufficient mastery of the content and/or skills. Students will be eligible to earn a maximum grade of 55% for a re-do on their semester exam. Students and their subject teacher will work together to schedule a time to complete the re-do by Wednesday, January 25 at the latest. Possible dates to complete any re-do include the Make up Test Block on Friday, January 20 and during the teacher professional day on Monday, January 23th.

Make up Exams: If a student were to miss an exam due to illness, all make-up exams must be completed by the afternoon of Friday, January 20, at a time convenient to both student and teacher.  If necessary, these make-up exams may be scheduled after 12:30 PM from Tuesday, January 17, to Friday, January 20. In extenuating circumstances, with a note from physician, make up exams can be administered the week after exams.


Teacher Led Review Session Schedule

First page of the PDF file: TeacherLedReviewScheduleMidterms2022-2023