Mental Health Resources

Students can meet with counselors to discuss stressors in their lives, social and emotional difficulties, and coping strategies for these challenges. Counselors will connect students, parents, and families to appropriate resources within and beyond the school. 

Additional personnel who are beneficial to students include our Consulting Psychologist, our School Nurse, and our Assistant Head of School for Community Life

Some mental health strategies frequently employed with students include:

  • Academic and vocational guidance

  • Learning coping strategies for stress

  • Breathing and relaxation techniques 

  • Connecting families to community resources

We have created a helpful Mental Health Resource Guide for all students. You may consult this document if you want to know more about sources of support in and outside of SJP. Know that anyone feeling distressed is encouraged to come speak with Mrs. Burns and/or Mrs. Carroll. 

Similarly, there are resources available if you have noticed another student’s mood, behavior, and/or affect change and you are concerned.