College & School Counseling Department

The College and School Counseling Office provides services to assist each student in designing an appropriate high school experience to maximize his/her intellectual and personal development. Through our comprehensive program, both College & School Counselors and the Director of the Academic Enrichment Center partner with the administration and faculty advisors to meet with students individually and in groups to discuss specific themes in relation to academic program and course selection, social well-being and emotional health, and college/career planning. These include:

Grade 9: Orientation and adjustment issues to help students make a smooth transition into the school community.

Grade 10: Self-evaluation in terms of abilities and achievements vs. interests, to help students recognize their strengths and weaknesses in preparation for future goals.

Grade 11: Career and college exploration with emphasis on decision-making.

Grade 12: College admissions process and post-secondary plans. All current seniors requesting transcripts for the college process must do so by using the Naviance College Planning. All students and families receive Naviance account information and instructions several times throughout the academic year. It is mandatory that students utilize the Naviance system to help facilitate their post-high school planning process. You may consult with the Director of College and School Counseling for additional information about Naviance.

Saint Joseph Prep offers a comprehensive post-high school planning program that begins with students in their first year of high school. We work collaboratively with students, parents, faculty and educational partners to support students in their exploration of college and post-high school options. By incorporating self-interest inventories, career assessment tools and standardized test preparation, we offer students a holistic approach to evaluating the many college and university programs available both domestically and abroad. We encourage students and families to contact the College and School Counselors to discuss these resources and tools.

In partnership with our Consulting Psychologist, our School Nurse and our Assistant Head of School for Community Life, the College & School Counselors are available to assist students, parents and guardians with emotional concerns. Referrals to outside professional psychological agencies are available and will be made on an individual basis.