AEC Services

Students of all ability and achievement levels are encouraged to take full advantage of the academic enrichment programs offered during study hall periods and after school. Students should speak with their advisor or Mr. Poponyak, the AEC Director, to access the services listed below:

  • Math and Science Lab (during study hall). The opportunity for students to plan, monitor, and review math and science skills with an SJP math or science teacher.
  • Writing Lab (during study hall and after school). The opportunity for students of all grade levels to access writing support provided by SJP teachers and volunteer graduate students from local colleges.
  • Study Strategy/Note-taking Instruction (during study hall and after school). Learn tips to "work smarter, not harder" and develop strategies for success in high school and college.
  • Executive Function Support (during study hall and after school). Set goals related to organization, time management, prioritization, and metacognitive thinking.
  • AEC After School Program (every day after school until 4 pm). Individualized support and scheduling of teacher office hours. The program is designed to promote academic responsibility and advocacy.
  • Midterm and Final Exam Review Sessions. In addition to scheduling teacher-led course review sessions, the AEC organizes individual review sessions with volunteer graduate students from local colleges (depending on availability).

Services for Students with Learning Differences

Students who have a documented learning difference and require accommodations at Saint Joseph Prep are required to submit such documentation with their admission application. Students are then given access to the services listed below:

  • AEC Learning Plan. An accommodations plan is developed for identified students based on documentation provided by their parents/guardians. Plans highlight a strengths-based approach.
  • AEC Study Hall. In addition to the AEC services offered for all students, students with documentation of a learning difference have the benefit of attending study hall periods with the AEC Director and staff in the AEC/Learning Commons.
  • Liaison Support. The AEC Director communicates accommodations and recommended strategies for success to the student's classroom teachers.
  • Advocacy Support. To encourage self-advocacy, the AEC provides each student with an opportunity to develop a mature understanding of his/her strengths, learning styles, and individual rights and responsibilities.
  • Extended Time on College Board Exams. In the case that a student has the required documentation, the AEC Director assists in applying for accommodations (e.g., extended time) on standardized tests.