AEC Learning Plan

When a student who has documented learning differences is enrolled at SJP, an AEC Learning Plan is created to support them in the college prep classroom. The AEC Director builds the initial AEC Learning Plan based on the documentation submitted in the admissions process (e.g., Neuropsychological testing, IEP, 504) and anecdotal records from a student’s academic history. Families are required to have educational testing updated within 3 years of the admissions decision deadline for a plan to be created. The AEC Learning Plan offers families and classroom teachers a document outlining information about the student’s individual strengths, challenges, accommodations, and strategies for success.


Academic accommodations are adjustments in how a student accesses information and demonstrates learning. They are in place to provide equal academic opportunity for students with disabilities. Requests for accommodations that would fundamentally alter the nature of the curriculum or that would alter the academic standards of a course will not be granted. Accommodations do not change the instructional level, content, or performance criteria and cannot place an undue financial or administrative burden on the school. At Saint Joseph Prep, each accommodation is evaluated and granted individually.

Modifications to Curriculum

As a college prep high school, no curricular modifications are made for students at Saint Joseph Prep (e.g., modifications for quality or quantity). In order to prepare students for the future, the School adheres to the guidelines established by colleges and universities, which offer support to students with learning differences through reasonable accommodations.