About the Director

Director, Academic Enrichment Center

Supporting students with learning differences has not only been my specialization over a 10-year career in education, but is a true passion that drives my quest to “never stop learning.” My experience in the field of learning differences and ADHD has shaped both my philosophy and approach to providing support services for students. Prior to joining Saint Joseph Prep as the AEC Director, I worked as the Head of Middle School for Springer School and Center where my focus became supporting teenagers who struggle with executive function challenges (including, but not limited to: study skills; time management; prioritizing; planning; organization; and goal setting). I believe students should be introduced to compensatory strategies to empower them in high school and college. In my years at Saint Joseph Prep, I have continued to find that a strategic learner can be successful and resilient, which supports their contributions to the classroom and society.

The success of the Academic Enrichment Center at Saint Joseph Prep is primarily due to the collaboration, commitment, dedication, and expertise of our faculty. Their willingness to challenge all students to reach their potential has helped to define the AEC as a program that benefits every level of learner. With the full support of teachers and the administration, we have successfully cultivated goal-setting learners who have gone on to success in colleges and universities across the country.

With the generous support of the Yawkey Foundation, the Academic Enrichment Center is now located within our state-of-the-art Learning Commons, which offers an excellent and welcoming environment for students to focus on scholarship.

All students and parents/guardians of the Saint Joseph Prep community are invited to visit the AEC and/or speak with Mr. Poponyak. He is available via email or telephone at 617-254-8383, x1223.