Academic Enrichment Center

Philosophy and Benefits

Through the Academic Enrichment Center (AEC), we organize and provide academic enrichment programs to address the individual needs of students, helping them to meet their academic potential and develop prerequisite skills for success in college. The work of the AEC Director, in conjunction with associated teachers, advisors, and tutors, helps students to leverage their learning strengths and stay on a successful path so that their achievement reflects their ability. Academic enrichment programs not only support conceptual understanding, but build metacognitive thinking so that students are more self-reflective of their learning processes.

Predicting Student Success

Student success at Saint Joseph Prep is linked to a number of factors. First and foremost, the student must have the determination to work hard throughout the school day and the motivation to focus on academics after leaving the building. Perseverance, persistence, and patience are essential virtues.

Second, parental support is a key factor in providing the structure for students to excel in their studies outside of school hours. In all areas, and particularly in the AEC, we work in sacred partnership with our parents and guardians.

Third, students are expected to cooperate with teachers and advisors and to follow the policies of Saint Joseph Prep. When a student follows these guidelines, he/she is typically quite successful.