Academic Advisory

The Academic Advisory program is rooted in the core values of the Sisters of Saint Joseph and guided by the principle that students will find success academically if we foster a growth mindset during their adolescent years and lead them to expect more of themselves.

Upon entering Saint Joseph Prep as freshman, students are organized into small advisory groups with an academic advisor whom they meet with during advisory block throughout the week.  The academic advisor follows each student as they navigate four years at Saint Joseph Prep and supports our young men and women in their journey of personal growth and scholarship.

Academic Advisory includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Individual academic coaching meetings between the student and advisor to check grades, make plans, set goals, and help students their reach their potential.
  • Partnership between advisor and parents for communication /support throughout four years of high school.
  • College preparation activities specific to each grade level, aligned with the College and School Counseling department. Including: Exam week test prep strategies, support reviewing CollegeBoard testing results, and guidance with the course selection process.
  • The benefit of identifying with a small group of students in the same grade level. Advisory instills a greater sense of community as students discover their passions, seek new experiences, share their talents, and inspire their peers.