CSJ Sponsorship

Saint Joseph Preparatory High School is one of the seven Sponsored Ministries of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Boston. Recognized for excellence in education for over a century, the Sisters of Saint Joseph of Boston have created and sustained a number of exemplary independent schools in the greater Boston area. We inherit this legacy and we continue this tradition.

The Motherhouse for the Sisters of Saint Joseph, home to nearly 70 sisters, is right next door to Saint Joseph Prep, and our School is blessed to have a sister serving on our staff. The proximity of the Sisters to our School is both a blessing for our Phoenix Family and a symbol of our connection to the Congregation of the Sisters of St. Joseph (CSJ).

Bold and daring, vibrant and visionary, the Sisters of Saint Joseph have continually formed scholars who seek “excellence tempered by gentleness,” producing young men and women who are compassionate leaders in the real world.

The Core Values of the Sisters of Saint Joseph are shared and embraced by our Saint Joseph Prep community:

• Gracious Hospitality

• Love of, and Service to, the Dear Neighbor Without Distinction

• Peaceful Resolution of Conflict

• Care for All of God’s Creation

The Sisters of Saint Joseph embrace the richly and radically inclusive love of God, fully recognizing that there are many gifts but the same Spirit. The mission of Saint Joseph Prep, rooted in the vision of the Sisters of Saint Joseph, is to share the presence of Jesus—who embodied this unconditional love—with all persons.

For more information, please visit the CSJ Boston website.