Phoenix Update 6/12/17 
 Photo of the Week
Our Photo of the Week honors the celebrated graduation of the Class of 2017 on June 1 at Robsham Theater on Boston College’s main campus. Following a rigorous year of academics, a final quarter of senior service and myriad milestones along the way, the Class gathered for one final time together to participate in and rejoice after the SJP Commencement Exercises of 2017! (See the full web story below.) 

Calendar at a Glance

Wednesday, June 14: Final Grades Posted.

Monday, August 14 - Wednesday: Returning Students: iPad Pick-up.

Monday, August 21: Football Begins: time & location TBD.

Thursday, August 24: Fall Sports (other than Football) Begin: various times & locations.

Monday, Sept. 4: Labor Day.

Tuesday, Sept. 5: International Student Orientation: 2:00 - 4:00 PM.

Wednesday, Sept. 6: Grade 9 Orientation & Grades 10, 11, 12 Class Trips.

Thursday, Sept. 7: First Day of Classes: Quarter 1 Begins.

Friday, Sept. 8: Opening of School Mass: 9:15 AM.

Friday, Sept. 8: All Athlete & Parent Meeting: 5:30 PM.

Friday, Sept. 8: Back-to-School Cookout: 6:30 PM.


Parent/Guardian Insider

Click on the links below for more information on these important events and updates:

Summer Enrichment & Course Textbooks Lists for 2017-2018

HSPT Prep Course

College Counseling & Guidance Update

Advancement Office Update


“As children we once dreamed of becoming astronauts, athletes, doctors, or painters, but as we’ve gotten older, we’ve been taught to think more practically, forced to limit our imaginations that were once limitless. So I challenge you to rekindle your creativity and to leave your mark on the world.”

— Tahjay Thompson ’18

 Quote of the Week
Our Quote of the Week comes from Tahjay Thompson ’18,  who urged his classmates both to “understand” and then to “transcend” the limits of their educational experience. Insisting that the ways in which we educate young people keep pace with the rapidly changing times and the continually developing technologies, Tahjay offered the challenge above. 
 Chapel Speakers for the Week
M.McCormick ’20, A.O’Toole ’20, T.Hanna ’20, S.Saint-Fleur ’19, C.Adams ’19, K.Honan ’19, O.DeMarco ’19, S.Dauphine ’19, M.Murphy ’19, G.Guarino ’19, K.Fernandes ’19, J.O’Dea ’19, M.Jennette ’18, K.Aquino ’18, J.Parker ’18, E.German ’18, T.Thompson ’18 (Read Highlights)

Scholar Highlights

Click on the link below for the full story on these excellent experiences in the classroom:

Ms. Creamers Spanish Scholars and the Spain Trip Blog


Student-Athlete Highlights

Click on the link below for updates on our athletic teams at Saint Joseph Prep:

Spring Sports Season Update


Club/Activity Highlights

Click on the links below for more information on these Club and Activity updates:

Latest Issue of The TIE


Alumni Spotlight

Lynne Connell Dello Russo, MSJA ’73 & Catherine Dello Russo, MSJA ’10


A Word from Mr. Nunan

Stepping off the Treadmill

Rare in life are those moments when we can say to ourselves, “I’m done! I’m finished! We did it!  We made it!”

The end of an academic semester—whether in high school or in grad school—is one of those times. Let’s honor that and celebrate that.

Many of us, as adults, look back over the last decades and know that there has really never been a “break” like the one we experienced at the end of a semester in college. Our lives are no longer on the academic calendar; there is always one more thing; there is always the next obligation, expectation, duty, deadline, etc. It never ends.

But for our scholars, they have reached a real milestone—the end of the school year! All of the assignments and worksheets, papers and labs, and quizzes and tests—and, yes, even the final exams—are done… totally done!

As we move into the summer, let’s all take a break… a real break. Let’s honor the fact that we successfully completed a busy, productive, and sometimes grueling school year, and let’s celebrate the reality that we did so positively and successfully!

In the coming days and weeks, I recommend ten specific ways of cherishing this sacred time. These suggestions are directed primarily to our scholars, but I know I’ll be trying more than a few of them. 

Top Ten Ways to “Take a Break” and Acknowledge the Finish:

1. Read over the teacher comments and review the grades for the year, quarter by quarter, and feel a deep sense of satisfaction for your consistent, relentless efforts.

2. Look back on the year, as a whole, reflecting on where you were last September and where you are this June… recognize the growth, the change, and the development.

3. Spend time in silence, by yourself, replaying some of the more pivotal and essential moments of the year, and be fully present to what you have learned about yourself.

4. Go out to dinner with family… and again with friends… grab breakfast together… get ice cream one night… and acknowledge that you have made it through another year.

5. Rest, relax, and do nothing for some short period of time… take a nap… sleep in… be sure to “recharge” after working so hard during the busy days and long nights.

6. Go for a walk or a run—a stroll through the park or a jog along the Charles… do something to get outside, to enjoy nature and (finally…) the coming of spring.

7. Read for pleasure… find a great book and lose yourself in it… go to the movies, see a concert, visit a museum… rediscover the restorative power of distraction... and of beauty.

8. Write down a few notes about what you would like to do and who you want to be next year, about your goals and dreams for the near future… and about how you can achieve them… then leave them aside for the summer, and revisit them in the fall.

9. Take a few moments to remember the most important relationships in your life, and to be grateful for the many ways in which others have led you to this moment… and then share some word of thanks, in person or in writing, with someone special.

10. Pray… thank God for the blessings in your life, and take the time to name those blessingsand then simply rest in God’s presence, saying nothing… be at peace and let the One who is Life fill you with life and light and joy and hope… for you are loved.

Whatever you do, be sure to get off of the proverbial treadmill. Life is too short. And it offers us too few of these graced opportunities, too few of these clear “breaks” in the action.

Enjoy your summer. Blessings to you, to your family, and to everyone in our SJP Family!


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