Scholar Highlights

Scholar Highlights for the first issue of the Phoenix Update for 2017-2018

Ms. Bacon’s Spanish Scholars

Ms. Bacon’s Spanish 2 Honors class kicked off the school year with a small group, collaborative review session covering topics they studied last year. After receiving a set of questions in English, they worked together to phrase the questions in Spanish. When faced with uncertainty, the groups could choose to send a “runner” to examine sheets with the correct translations Ms. Bacon had set up around the room and in the hallway. The runner was tasked with finding the correct translation and reporting back to the group. Review work will continue over the next few days!


Mrs. Daly’s Math Scholars

Although she may be new to the faculty, Mrs. Daly in the Mathematics department has been a presence on campus since her daughter, Shannon, came to Saint Joseph Prep last year as a 9th grader. This year, Mrs. Daly is teaching Algebra, Geometry, Calculus, and AP Statistics.

In Algebra, the freshmen are learning how to use their MacBooks and Google Classroom, while also making new friends. Geometry started with an Algebra review, including the summer work, and now her students are diving into the wonderful world of Points, Lines, and Planes. Her AP Stats class is learning the methodology of the test, so they can prepare effectively throughout the year.

Mr. Patolia’s Chemistry Scholars

The first step in Mr. Patolia’s Chemistry classes is to review the safety standards and behavior for the Chemistry lab. All students are required to score a 100% on the upcoming quiz in order to work with the lab equipment and materials.

The AP Chemistry students, already well-versed in lab safety, will have their first test covering the summer work (the first three chapters of the book) and all of the material previously covered in Honors Chemistry. In its second year at Saint Joseph Prep, the class has grown from nine students to 22 students!

Mr. Glozzy’s Studio Art Scholars

This year, Mr. Glozzy is joined by Mr. Barber, a student-teacher from Emmanuel College. Together, they have been helping our Studio Art students develop their skills and create beautiful works of art.

The Intro to Studio Art students will begin their first real project, a narrative collage, this week. The goal is to create a story from magazine images that are either visually appealing to them or where the subject matter is of interest.

Studio Art students spent the day working on blank contour drawings. Each student set up an easel and had to draw the image of another student without either looking at their picture or lifting their pen off the page. The awkwardness of staring at someone else’s face for an extended period of time also served a great icebreaker!

Advanced Studio Art students are working on creating assemblages which are 3-dimensional collages. Each student is studying the work of a historical artist for use as inspiration. The final critique will occur next week.

Finally, AP Studio Art students have begun to create two-dimensional art in any medium of their choice. They were tasked with examining their summer experience and boiling everything down to just one word, which is the theme of their individual project.

Ms. Gabriel’s Theology Scholars

In Ms. Gabriel’s Theology 4 classes, seniors are discussing social justice and finding examples of calls to social justice in the Bible. The goal is to understand why there is a need to care about other people’s human dignity. Why is it important, even if things are going well for you as an individual, to have concern for the welfare of others?

One example from the New Testament refers to Jesus’ call to care for foreigners and outcasts and not just to care for one’s own people.

Seniors will eventually complete a project in which they examine ethical business practices and how companies do, or do not, practice these methods.

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