Scholar Highlights

Mr. Scarlata’s Economics Scholars

Mr. Scarlata’s Economics classes have kicked off a stock market challenge! With the competition running through March, students have plenty of time to attempt to master the ebbs and flows of the market. They’ll compete against their classmates in addition to several faculty members who have agreed to take part. Each competitor will begin with $100,000 and the person with the highest valued portfolio at the end of the game will be declared the winner.

Mrs. Daly’s AP Stats Scholars

Ms. Daly’s AP Statistics class designed Gummy Bear Catapults. The goal of the project was to design a controlled experiment testing a factor that will see how far a gummy bear will “fly.” The test factor in this case was the angle of the launch. Tongue depressors, rubber bands, and masking tape were used to design the catapults. Students were then asked to design a report with summary statistics, graphs and an interpretation of of their results.

The winners with the most successful designs were Emma Wren ’18 and Anthony Nguyen ’18. Honorable mention goes to Andrew Cobuccio ’18 and Patrick Gulledge ’19.


Dr. Borkowski’s Biology Scholars

All of Dr. B’s 9th grade Biology scholars are working through a cells unit in Chapter 7 of their text books. To enhance their understanding, students will be completing a project at home where they will create 3D models of cells. The Honors class is also studying how different organelles originated in the cell, as well as how the human body maintains the conditions that help it work effectively.

Ms. Gabriel’s Theology Scholars

Seniors in Ms. Gabriel’s Theology 4 classes recently completed an exciting podcast project. Their assignment was to research businesses and report on whether or not they were upholding Catholic Social Teachings in their practices. They researched interesting brands and products and found some excellent information to help their (and our) practices as consumers. They also did a great job of presenting these in podcast format!  

If you're interested in hearing any of their podcasts or checking out the website, you can find it here:

Ms. Bacon’s Spanish Scholars

Ms. Bacon’s AP Spanish class worked on their vocabulary by playing a version of Scrabble. They received bonus points for using words Ms. Bacon has identified as those that help improve speaking and writing fluidity. Kelli Aquino ’18 racked up the most points in two rounds and was declared the winner of both games.


Ms. Creamer’s Spanish Scholars

Last week, Ms. Creamer’s 3CP Spanish class practiced interpreting and applying their extended family vocabulary by creating family trees! First they received a list of clues and information that helped them configure and represent the family trees in the photos. Then they created their own unique extended families and wrote clues for their classmates to use. Finally, the groups raced against each other to see who could correctly figure out each others’ family trees.


Mr. Glozzy’s Studio Art Scholars

The Advanced Studio Artists are currently working on creating Spirit Animals out of natural wood branches (pictured below). This is a very complex and challenging lesson yet our students are rising to the occasion and innovating in their problem solving skills.

The AP students are building out the variety section of their portfolios to showcase their versatility as artists. Haoming (Judith) Zhu ’19, for example, has been creating a beautiful self portrait using abstract colors in oil paint (pictured, bottom right).

The Freshman Artists are finalizing sculptural artifacts, with ikea style instructions for how to use them. This lesson is building upon the narrative concepts established in the 4-panel comic strip and collages of earlier lessons while giving them a grounding in the fundamentals of sculpture (pictured, bottom left and center).

The Studio Artists are currently working on interior architectural based linocut prints. While the printing process hasn't yet begun, the designs are very promising at this early stage of the lesson.


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